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To register and reserve your space for the Business of Art 2013, complete the form below and make your payment of $15 through the Cashnet payment system.


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Printmaking Ceramics Drawing Digital Art Digital Art
Film Sculpture Mixed Medium Wood Glass
Ink Conceptual Installation Assemblage Public

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Check here if you agree to let Dixie State University of Utah use photos from The Business of Art that may contain images of you on The Business of Art Facebook page, website, or other marketing materials. By checking this box, you also aggree to the Community Education Terms of Service

This aggreement between Southwest Applied Technology College and its Custom Fit Training Program, to coordinate training for "Employer" as proveded herein. "Employer" aggrees to provide the birthday (month and year) for each employee receiving Custom Fit Traing. "Employer" will contribute to the training cost as agreed, and will provide any additional information as required by Custom Fit staff, which may include training attendance recoreds and evaluations. .

IMPORTANT! Registration is not complete unit the registration is paid in full.