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Motorcycle - Basic Riders Course (BRC)

The DSU Motorcycle Safety Program is a nationally    recognized course designed by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation. The minimum requirement for the class is to have a valid general learner's permit or driver's license. Designed    for beginners, this class teaches basic operation and handling, and the motorcycles and helmets are provided! 

The Basic Riders Course is a 15 hour class and runs over three days (generally Friday, Saturday & Sunday.)                                                                                   
 Day 1Day 2 & 3
April - October5pm - 10pm8am - 1pm
November - March5pm-10pm12pm - 5pm

  • Day 1: Introduction, controls, basic motorcycle handling, risk acceptance, and protective gear.
  • Day 2: Motorcycle familiarization, basic riding skills, starting, stopping, turning and shifting gears.
  • Day 3: Accident avoidance, quick stop in a straight line and curve, swerving, more turning including slow-speed tight turns, and the skills test.

Upon successfull completion of the course you will be eligible to take the written test for your endorsement. (You will not need to take the riding test at the DMV).    If you hava a Utah license, be advised, Utah is a tiered endorsement state.
If you do not have a UT, AZ, or NV license, please check with your state that they accept the MSF course as a licensing waiver.

Items required to ride:
  1. Parent Signature if student is under 18
  3. Long pants
  5. Long sleeve shirt or jacket
  7. Eye protection (if your helmet does not have a face shield)
  9. Helmet (Helmets are provided if you do not have one)
  11. Rugged over-the-ankle footwear
  13. Full-finger gloves
Please note: Class will NOT be held if there are less than 3 paid students. If your class is cancelled due to low enrollment, you may transfer to another session.  For more    information and other scheduled courses call Julie at 435-652-7664.
*Payment is required at the time the student registers for a spot in the class. Due to the demand for these classes, unpaid reservations will be dropped within 48 hours.*
**You will be notified 2 business days before the first class meeting if the class will be cancelled. If the class carries, registration will continue until the first    class session. No refunds will be given if classes are missed by the student. There will be a 10% refund fee charged to students who cancel their own registration less than 2   days prior to the first class.

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