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Archaeology - Ancient Rock Art: The Earliest People and Their Stories

We'll start out with a close look at Early Man & ancient cave art, and investigate some of the most ancient symbols of all. After the volcanoes, and the ice age, see the arrival of Early Man by land & by sea to the Americas, and learn what it was really like to go on a migration. We'll see how "Itchy Feet" is a basic, built-in genetic trademark of our species! We'll join those First Americans and have some mammoth hunting with atlatl specialists Mel and Marie Langness. Then we'll see some of the beautiful early pictographs here in Utah & learn why they were made. There will be a peek at the best and most unusual rock art from around the world! And, as a special treat, our teaching assistant, Feather Robinson will do a presentation on "The Consequences of Migration & Captive Women!"
Our classes are inter-related but never exactly the same, and constantly updated with information from new research. The class will be presented with a variety of all new or updated media, with Power Point Presentations & short lectures, intensive information, e-mail handouts and Videos and DVDs that use original art and Native American flute music to bring the Old Ones to life! Class are taught like "real school" but FUN, too! Join us for Real Archaeology taught by a Real Archaeologist!

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