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Course Catalog: Fall Semester 2017

Finding Your Strengths

Do you find it easy to do some tasks and hard to be successful at others? What is the source of our frustration when we can’t accomplish our goals? We all think, feel and act differently from each other.  Is there a way to understand why you and I approach problems and find solutions in different ways? This series will help each attendee appreciate their unique set of Talents and skills and an insight into others they interact with.

Every student will receive a code to take the online "StrengthsFinder" Assessment!

Through the online assessment tool of Gallup’s StrengthsFinder, we can have an insight to why we naturally think, feel and behave the way we do (our Talents or Strengths). The classes will discuss the importance of creating a Culture where we honor and respect our Strengths and the Strengths of others even though they think, feel and behave differently that we do. We focus on collaboration, cooperation, and trust of and with others. We’ll discuss Engagement and how we can understand the factors which increase or inhibit the willing enthusiasm when taking on a project or task. The format is conversational and interactive.  All share and learn together.  Come join us!

Who would find the course valuable?

  1. The curious learner who wants to understand more  about themselves and others.
  3. Couples who want to understand their partner’s  thoughts, feelings and behaviors better.
  5. Team members who want to improve productivity  and enjoy working with each other more.
  7. Managers who want to improve outcomes of the  team.
  9. School administrators and teachers who want to  improve student achievement.


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