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Archaeology - Ancient Native American Symbols II: Increasing our Understanding*

This is the 2nd in our series of the four classes dedicated to Native American symbols, in addition to all our other classes on different archaeological subjects. We'll present an organized system for finding and understanding petroglyphs & pictographs, based on what the descendants of the original makers say about them. We'll supply you with intensive handouts via email, (worth attending just for this alone) - but there's still lots more: meet some of the best Native story characters: Coyote, Deer, Bear, Big Cats, The Great Serpent, Kokopelli, The Shapeshifter, and all the others! Last but certainly not least: Our teaching Assistant Feather Robinson will offer a presentation on "The Drum: Heartbeat of Mother Earth" and the way Native American music, ceremonies and dance help to pass on stories, so they will be remembered forever. Our classes are inter-related but NEVER EXACTLY THE SAME, and constantly updated with information from new research. The class will be presented with a variety of all new or updated media, with Power Point Presentations & short lectures, intensive informational e-mail hand-outs, and Videos & DVDs that use original paintings & Native American flute music to bring the Old Ones to life! Classes are taught like "real school" but are FUN too!

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