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Fully Prepared for Any Disaster
Community Education is sponsoring a free seminar on disaster preparedness. Attendees will learn about the Top Twelve Risks to St George/Washington County. We will discuss natural (earthquake, flood, wildfire...) and man-made (HAZMAT spills, local crime, terrorism...) threats, disaster, and emergencies and their likelihood and severity. Participants will receive an electronic copy of the presentation, and all of the supporting maps, guides, and templates. Attendees will leave the presentation equipped to develop their own Family/Business Emergency/Disaster Plan. Our presenter is Scott Thomas. He's a local resident and volunteers much of his time helping our region be prepared for disasters and emergencies. Scott is a Retired US Army Officer and Counterintelligence Agent. He's served on 5 continents in disasters and combat zones. He has a Master's Degree in Security and Risk Management and many emergency/disaster related certifications and personal experience in earthquakes, hurricanes, floods and civil disorder.
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